Slocan Lake Village

Our 18.5 acre Slocan Lake Village is a co-ownership structure with a group of current and new owners dedicated to the development of low-cost micro/modular housing. This innovative project aims to provide affordable and unique housing solutions with food security and community resiliency.

The 18.5 acre property, with adjacent crown lands is strategically located on Slocan Lake, offering a stunning rural lakeside setting while being easily accessible to Silverton & New Denver or Slocan & Nelson. The co-ownership structure allows many individuals to collaborate inside a corporation that ensures easy entry and exit to the legal entity. Its just like buying or selling shares in a business.

We have a range of living options from $50-$100K that includes;

  • Co-ownership of 18+ acres surrounded with crown land.
  • Food security: Potential for all the food you need to live.
  • 3 versions of easy to assemble homes that grow in size with families.
  • Personal lot of 0.2 acres or size of average property in Canada.
  • Investment opportunity in short term rental + food, health & wellness.

The property also includes…

  • Existing home as a community centre.
  • Access to Slocan Lake.
  • Current owners willing to invest in further development.
  • Skills, equipment and capacity to build with local wood and growing food for resiliency.
  • Surrounded with outdoor activities including ski touring, mountain biking, hiking, lake activities.
  • 5 mins to grocery store and other services or 1 hour scenic drive to Nelson BC.

The collaborative nature of the ownership fosters a sense of community among residents, encouraging shared resources especially food production.

The community caters to intergenerational living for individuals, couples or small families seeking an affordable and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

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Acreage photo & Slocan Lake