Rossland Village

We are a group of local professional friends looking for partners (families, couples or individuals) who would like to invest in a large property for affordable and regenerative living. One of us owns a modular dome company and builds off-grid communities.

Property details

  • Solid home with well kept outbuildings and landscaping
  • 2 different zoned parcels for a max 4 legal homes with foundations and option for dozens of other micro homes without foundations.
  • Running creek, agricultural land and connection to regional trail system
  • Close to Rossland BC in quiet rural area with no immediate neighbours
  • 2 hours to Spokane Washington and US business

This project includes the following services;

  1. Matchmaking with 3+ couples/families or individuals to purchase property with co-ownership agreement legally designed to allow anyone to get out or into the partnership easily. Read information from our partners at Coho BC.
  2. Business plan for regenerative village (great annual profit) to accommodate both long and short term rentals with a variety of health, wellness, activities and food programs.
  3. All the infrastructure you need for turn-key living including food, energy, waste, transportation and real affordable housing priced as low as $10K.

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