Cooper Creek Village

Our 28-acre Cooper Creek Village is a co-ownership structure with a group of current and new owners dedicated to the development of low-cost micro housing. This innovative project aims to provide affordable and unique housing solutions with food security and community resiliency.

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The 28-acre property, with adjacent crown land and other developable private lands is strategically located in Cooper Creek, offering a stunning riverside setting while being easily accessible to both Kootenay and Duncan Lakes. The co-ownership structure allows many individuals to collaborate inside a corporation that ensures easy entry and exit to the legal entity. Its just like buying or selling shares in a business.

The property includes…

  • Solid home with many rooms and massive deck.
  • Serene glacier fed creek running the length of the property with opportunity to build micro homes on the waterfront.
  • Current owners are neighbours willing to invest in affordable housing and regenerative village. Skills, equipment and capacity to build with local wood and growing food for resiliency.
  • 30 min scenic highway drive to Kaslo BC surrounded with outdoor activities including ski touring, mountain biking, hiking, lake activities.
  • 5 mins to grocery store, farmers market and large scale farming.

The micro housing units are designed with cost-effectiveness in mind, with a target of 50-100K investment including land, food and modular structure that can scale to add more space.

The collaborative nature of the ownership fosters a sense of community among residents, encouraging shared resources especially food production.

The village will have a few living options, accommodating different needs and preferences. The housing units will cater to individuals or small families seeking an affordable and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

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